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Andy McGlynn is the Managing Director of LSF Personal Training, where he leads a team of nearly 600 personal trainers and personal trainer managers. His career began in the Royal Marines, where he spent four years as an Officer and Commando completing missions across the world, from Sierra Leone to Ukraine. After hanging up his Marine uniform, Andy spent 12 years as a personal trainer, and continues to work with a small base of dedicated clients. He established numerous successful companies in diverse sectors, including the Financial Fitness Group which offers specialised insurance cover for fitness professionals. Today, Andy owns a group of companies that achieved a multi-million pound turnover in just four years.

As part of his continuing studies, Andy attends international lectures within the field of endocrinology, nutrition and programme design, and is currently completing his MBA. Having studied across the globe, he wishes to share his extensive knowledge and research about personal training and wellbeing with a much wider audience via his new series of e-books. The information contained in these e-books are the teachings all personal trainers and personal trainer managers at LSF Personal Training have learned from. It’s what makes LSF Personal Training the leading personal training organisation in the United Kingdom, successfully achieving the highest retention rates in the world.

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